Why Attend

This is not just another parents evening or a chat with a careers officer. This is the regions Employment Futures expo. What better venue for this bigger, better, regional expo than the place where two years ago the scene was set to enable students, parents, adults, businesses, organisations, and those working within the career sector to focus on the future.

It’s free, now that might seem like it’s obvious, but this event is worth paying for, and it's within walking distance for many. (we would recommend if you can walk, you do so) All access points will be open, on Bridge Cross Road and the rear gate leading to Rochester Avenue, you can walk here!

Utilising the whole of the venue, which is needed to accommodate everything based on the fact that the expo will have over 130 businesses exhibiting, seminars and workshops throughout the afternoon and evening, have a go activities and even a Zoo will be here!

Have a scroll down this page, to a few sections that may interest you, whether in education, business, a student or adult, you really should attend. There's a bit of text to read but it’s worth it.

This expo is specifically for
  • Employers/Businesses/Entrepreneurs
  • Parents and young people
  • Adults looking to change or upskill career or start up their own business
  • Educators working in Secondary, Further Education, Higher Education, Study Programmes or Apprenticeship providers
  • Careers Leaders/Careers Advisors
  • Wider partners and professionals working with adults and young people including the Voluntary Sector
5 park and ride coaches operating from Burntwood and broader areas including Lichfield, Cannock & Rugeley have been organised to help you arrive at Chase Terrace Technology College and return
It’s not like other school careers fairs!

Students – 11+ - young people, young adults, kids whatever you want to call yourselves, this is for you, and Yes, you can still text & use your phone while you are here. This interactive expo gives you the chance to try the ‘have a go' activities of work-related skills. You can speak to real employers about real jobs and training opportunities.
You can access specialist careers advice and guidance from impartial Careers Advisers, Colleges, Universities and Training/Apprenticeship Providers. As students you get the opportunity to be yourself, think about what you may want to do, have a look for yourself and have a chat with exhibitors and business to have real-world conversations that give you the information you want. Invite your parents to come with you so they can take notes, listen for you while your busy getting involved. Book on some seminars and workshops, get information that will help you make decisions based on your understanding to help you be the one that does become something, that does choose a career, and not just fall into one and know what you have to do to get it.
Check out the list of exhibitors and activities, as well as seminars . If you know what you are looking to achieve from the expo, plan your evening, if you're not sure, get as much from it as you can so when you talk to your mates, friends, fellow students and family about careers, you can share, explain and ask in a more informed way.
Parents and Adults, yes you can use your phone too! Might have to get the kids to help you use the other 98% of it though ey!
Remember what careers advice used to be like, remember what it was like to suddenly be told you’re an adult now. How your choices seemed limited by what those around believed would be best, based on their knowledge and understanding. Well, things have changed, and particularly right here, at the expo.

While it is supporting and enabling students, its also supporting adults. Yes you can listen and engage with potential employers yourself, find out more about the kind of career you would like, thinking about a change?
Find out what sparks your child's interest, and be able to have a meaningful conversation after the expo about career choices, even if its, while they have one headphone, stuffed permanently in their ear! By the way, just because we can't watch telly, chat via social and watch youtube videos at the same time, doesn’t mean they can’t… how times have changed ey. The same goes for career advice and support, its everywhere at this expo.
Book your Parent/Student Seminars & Workshops 5.45pm -6.30pm. Please return the letter with your booking confirmation.
Employers / Businesses / Seminars / CPD
Continuous professional development has never been any more crucial than in the current times of the changes to the world of work. This can bring potential challenges for employers and impact on the future generations of the workforce and for those who are advising them. These free seminars provide you with a unique opportunity to engage with some of the most expertise key speakers who are renowned in their sectors.
The seminars will enable you to increase your knowledge, understanding and experiences of the seminar subject areas. They will quality assure you have high levels of expertise to keep your business or professional skills and knowledge up-to-date.
The information you will be given will help to focus your vision, ensuring you have a clear sense of direction, strong steering, balanced teamwork and a dedicated practice.

Book onto and attend the seminars to get insight and understanding of how things work, what they mean, how what you hear can make a difference. If you can't make it, then please make sure your children do, it may be something they thank you for.
This event is for anyone who wants to promote their business and network in the local business and educator community. Networking is one of the most effective ways to promote and build business, and this event is a must for any businesses looking to connect and share information with new and existing contacts. We are confident of attracting over 1000 visitors – making it the biggest careers event in Staffordshire.

No it isn’t the NEC, understanding that floor plan at the NEC is hard enough at a careers fair, this careers fair has some attending vistors (pupils) who already know their way around to help get you to the seminars on time and around the exhibition Zones with ease. Its local, central, easy to get too, parents can come along in the evening with your child to help and support them, or without your children to find out more about career choices and meet business, all under one roof without having to travel far, in fact we recommend you walk if you can.
The 5 park and ride coaches operating from Burntwood and wider areas including Lichfield, Cannock & Rugeley that we mentioned above, have been organised to help you arrive at Chase Terrace Technology College and return.